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    Characteristic Product Series
    • Granular Medium
    • Chromogenic Medium
    • Anaerobic Cultivation
    • Strains Storage
    • Sterile Sampling Bag
    • Bojian GNB Identification
    • Virus Transport Medium (VTM)
    • Raw Materials
    Food Hygiene Inspection Series
    Pharmacopoeia Culture media series
    Company Profile
    Qingdao Hi-Tech Industrial Park Hope Bio-Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on the development and production of microbial culture medium since its inception, our products include 廠房展示圖dehydrate culture medium, granular culture medium, chromogenic culture medium,prepared culture medium, animal vaccine culture medium, plant tissue culture medium, cell culture medium and various supporting reagents, as many as 1000 kinds of species, which makes Hope Bio to be one of the manufacturers which have the most complete microbial products series in China. Our products are manufactured and quality controled in strict accordance with GB standard, SN standard, China pharmacopoeia standard, WS standard, YY/T standard, ISO standard, FDA standard, Japan standard, USP standard, EP standard, BP standard and other domestic and international standards.
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